• Are you bored of staying in hotels?
  • Do you want to learn more about the Czech Republic?
  • Do you want to become friends with Czech people, experience how they really live?
  • Do you want to taste the authentic food?
  • Do you want to keep memories that you will never forget?
  • If your answer to all these questions is YES, Don't hesitate and book a room in one of our families.


Are you looking for cheap, but comfortable accommodation during the World Ice-hockey Championship in Prague? Why don't you check some of our homestays.The rates start at only 16.
NEW CENTRALLY LOCATED FLAT IN OUR OFFER. Whole flat for rent, great value for money, more info here.

Our project is the best in the region
Description:Prague 5 - Radlice
Accommodation in a newly renovated house in Prague 5, near ANDEL metro station and NA KNIZECI bus station, from here it's only few minutes by metro or tram to the historical centre of Prague ...

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A newly-built family house in traditional style with a garden (3 rooms; room 1 - a double bed and a single bed, room 2 - a double bed, room 3 - a double bed) ...

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